We had a water leak in our condo unit and needed assistance with how to deal with the insurance company. The insurance adjuster was very stubborn and incredibly slow to respond.

After we hired TIR Public Adjusters, the insurance company became more responsive and the claim process was handled in a timely manner. They were very professional, knowledgeable and did a great job in negotiating with my insurance company.

Mariam C.

Had a fire in the bathroom, was likely only getting enough money to repair the walls and electrical system. The goal of the insurance company is to pay you as little as possible so they can make money for their investors. Knowing this I decided to look for a public adjuster as I don’t know much about construction and the cost of damages that occur after a fire incident. TIR public adjusters was knowledgeable and was able to help out. We’re still in the claim process now but so far TIR has exceeded my expectations.

Khang H.

I contacted TIR PUblic Adjusters after my insurance company was giving me the runaround on my property damage claim. TIR Public Adjusters negotiated with my insurance company and I was able to repair my property and move on with my life. I definitely recommend TIR Public Adjusters to anyone who has property damage claim and who needs help in dealing with their insurance company.

Mkhitar M.

The adjusters from TIR handled my claim very professionally. I am happy with their service.

Mrs. G

I contacted TIR Public Adjusters LLC to obtain general questions regarding the property damage claims. I received a very detailed information. Thank you.


My business was damaged during the storm and insurance company offered me a very low payment. I hired TIR Public Adjusters LLC and they were able to negotiate a higher settlement for the structural repairs and business interruption.


We had a slab leak claim and did not know how to proceed. TIR Public Adjusters LLC helped us to properly file the claim and handled the entire claims process for us. Thank you.


After hiring TIR Public Adjusters LLC, the insurance company started to make payments on my claim. Prior to hiring TIR Public Adjusters LLC, the insurance company would n even return my calls.


They were able to look at my policy and provide me information about my coverage options on my water damage claim.


The professionals at TIR Public Adjusters LLC provided me the information which I needed to properly file my claim.


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