About Us

The qualified professionals at TIR Public Adjusters LLC will make sure that you receive a fair settlement for your property damage loss. We can assist you with your residential, commercial, personal or business property claims.

The public adjuster’s main responsibilities are to:

  • Evaluate the insurance policy and determine what coverage may be appropriate to a particular claim;
  • Conduct an extensive research and identify the extent of claim related damage to building or content.
  • Evaluate any additional expenses (i.e. additional living expenses for residential losses; and loss of income/business interruption expenses for commercial losses);
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company on behalf of an insured;
  • Re-open a claim (if needed) and negotiate for additional amount if a discrepancy is found after the claim has been settled;

If the insured and the insurance company do not agree on the settlement amount, the claim adjusting process may be moved to an “appraisal”.