Mold Damage Insurance Claims

mold damage insurance claims

Mold may contribute to serious health issues and property damage.  Mold damage can destroy building materials, furniture, finishes and personal property.  Mold damage mainly occurs in the areas where there is a constant presence of moisture.  For example, a small invisible pipe leak behind refrigerator or inside the wall may contribute to mold growth.

Once mold damage is visibly detected, the property owner needs to contact a licensed specialist so that the contaminated area is properly contained and cleaned.  Most restoration companies may be able to handle the mold damage.  It is important to verify if the restoration company/technician is properly licensed, certified to conduct mold inspection, testing, removal and other remediation tasks according to strict professional standards.

Generally, once mold is discovered, the property may be tested to properly identify the type of the mold for proper treatment. The property may also be tested once the mold remediation is completed to confirm that mold has been properly removed.

Most insurance policies exclude mold damage.  Some policies offer limited mold related coverage.  It is very important to properly review the policy coverage and understand what the policy says about mold damage.  In most cases, if mold damage is a result of sudden and accidental event that is covered under the policy, some of the cost for mold related remediation may be covered.

Mold damage must be properly treated as soon as it is discovered, regardless if the insurance policy has coverage or if it does not.

A public insurance adjuster may assist the policyholder in dealing with their insurance company and any other parties involved in the insurance claim process and the repairs.

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