Tornado Damage Insurance Claims


More than 1,000 tornados occur in USA every year. In insurance policies, tornados are generally qualified as a wind related events. If a property suffered tornado damage, the property owner will need to follow these steps:

  1. Call the insurance company immediately and file a claim;
  2. Save all receipts for storm related expenses and document the damages to your property;
  3. Make sure that the property is protected from further damage. Board up damaged windows and doors if needed;
  4. Make sure to stay in safe areas where there is broken glass, broken pipes or possible damaged utility lines;
  5. Contact the local authorities and go to temporary shelter;
  6. If there is a danger of a gas leak or electrical power line damage, turn off the gas and electricity and contact the local utility companies;

During the natural disasters, such as tornados, most insurance companies become overwhelmed with high volume of claims that are filed at the same time. It may take some time before the insurance adjuster can visit the property that sustained tornado damage.

If the policy holder hires an independent public adjuster, the claims processing time may be dramatically reduced. The public adjuster may be able to assist the policy holder in properly documenting and submitting the tornado damage related information to the insurance company.

Additionally, an independent insurance public adjuster will read the policy and give the policy holder a better idea on what coverages are available for tornado damage. Average tornado damage claim may consist of exterior and interior damage to the structure.

The property owner should also a licensed contractor to perform tornado damage related repairs. During the claim related repairs, some additional code upgrade related repairs may be needed. Most policies have code upgrade coverage or Ordinance and Law Coverage. This coverage is very important for older buildings. The older buildings may need to upgrade the damaged items to comply with the most recent codes

A public insurance adjuster may assist the policyholder in dealing with their insurance company and any other parties involved in the insurance claim process and the repairs for tornado related damage.

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