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Explosion Damage Insurance Claims

Explosion damage insurance claim

Most explosions are sudden events that occur unexpectedly.  Due to a nature of this loss, the recovery efforts sometimes take a very long time (possibly years).  The explosions may occur in dwellings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and any other structures.

The insurance companies conduct a detailed investigation in order to confirm the cause of the explosion.  Once the cause of the explosion is determined, appropriate coverage may apply.  Usually, the insurance companies assign a staff adjuster or an independent claim adjuster who will be handling the claim on behalf of the insurance company.

The scope of dwelling, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers repairs may be a challenging because of the complex structural damage.  Content and/or merchandise recovery and inventorying may require special professionals who can properly document the loss.

A public insurance adjuster may assist the policyholder in dealing with their insurance company and any other parties who are involved in the claims process and the repairs.

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Personal Property Damage

Most insurance policies (i.e. condominium owners; renters; single family residence) contain certain limits of coverage for personal property. Generally, personal property is referred to furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry or any other items that are not permanently attached to the structure.

Business Interruption

Business interruption insurance may cover loss of business income in case of a covered loss. Business interruption coverage may become essential when the business is out of service.